jerry attrick, a disgraced astronautical engineer, was just reported floating past earth’s orbit. After a horrible crash a decade earlier due to shoddy workmanship on his space craft the CADET 3345, we haven’t heard anything of his whereabouts. We assumed he was dead. 
However, manning an incredibly restored CADET 3345, he made contact with earth just 14 days ago. This crash, to our current knowledge, put him in a heavy coma for nearly a decade. After a sudden wakening, he is now more productive than ever yet his interests have shifted. While once determined to craft the space equivalent of what Earth-folk call a “Roomba”, he now cannot stop creating emotionally resonate robot sounds as well as crafting texturally dense robot paintings. His sounds, which consist of intergalactic robot conversations that have been intercepted and manipulated to pop likeness, expose the sentimental nostalgia jerry feels for his past life while embracing his new one. His paintings, created from intensely layered space shrapnel and found on his wanderings through the cosmos, mimic the tangible nature of his experience and the hands-on character of his past life. 
While not able to join us here on earth due to the socially distant nature of his everyday life, he has partnered with brothers Chase and Grant Gasser to create a virtual gallery.
ierry attrick captures life among the stars, among the abandoned material of space. He captures the peace and beauty of intergalactic solitude. His expressive work exists in a parallel universe of noise and texture, similar yet noticeably distant to life on Earth.
I would have to admit, jerry attrick is what ziggy stardust always wanted to be. 
- David Bowie
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